Official Factions and Kitpvp Launch!

» 31st May 2019 at 3pm EST/7pm GMT «
Unsure what time the release is for you? Click here to find out!​
The Rage team have been working non-stop for weeks on end and we're finally ready to release. With that being said, I'd like to give a special thank you to Prince because he has been working so hard and his work is what made this launch possible! Many changes have been made, allowing the Factions and KitPvP experience to be maximised. We also have $1000+ in FTop rewards creating even more server wide competition!

Make sure to check out our brand new trailer below!
If you have a YouTube channel and would like to receive a reward, upload the trailer and put your IGN in the description for a free EMPEROR key on the launch!
» Download the trailer HERE! «
YouTubers playing/uploading on Rage:

If you're interested in joining our MEDIA team, message me,...​
Hello RageCastle,

First of all I would like to introduce myself and talk about my history within the community. I join RageRaid a good couple of years ago and was a strong supporter of the server, I was lucky enough to create some amazing memories on RageRaid and in the process met some amazing people, who I'm still friends with today. I would like to create some new memories and friends on RageCastle and I have many amazing plans prepared to make that a reality!

As many of you will have noticed, we have a massive summer planned for RageCastle, with tons of new features being thrown into place.

Including some of the following:
[+] The return of KitPvP.
[+] Prison.
[+] New faces joining our media team.
[+] A HUGE Factions reset with all new features (All suggestions taken into account)
[+] New events.

Everyone's favourite...

[+] Tons of giveaways!

I can promise, the future for RageCastle is looking up, and I hope to see everyone being a part of it!
Congratulations Top 3 Voters!

1st - $15 Store code
2nd - $10 Store code
3rd - $5 Store code
Please contact me to claim your prize!


[+] GKitz released!
[+] Issues reported patched
[+] Kitpvp in the works!
[+] Another big side project still hidden!
[+] Duel Maps are being Judged!
winners will be posted soon

Good Luck
Votes are now Reset!
April Building Competition
Hi Guys!
Its time for a giveaway for the competition as we haven't done one in a while!
We are searching for a winning duels Arenas to be built by the community!

The Winner will be rewarded $25 Buycraft + x1 Fire Key
2nd and 3rd will receive x1 Fire Keys & 250k ingame

We are looking for something creative and unseen on our current list of duel
arenas. The requirements are that it is reasonably sized and is built by YOU.
Entry needs to be Ideally a schematic file - (If you are unable to schematic a world file will be fine)

Entery Format (paste below)
Ingame Name:

You are able to enter as many times as you like.
Doing so will only increase your chances!
ENDS: 1st May 2019

Good Luck!​
Congratulations Kenny_2002!
You will be contacted directly to recieve your $30 store code!

Voting has been reset on the 1st of every month, vote
daily to get rewards ingame!

Good luck everyone.
Factions is being heavily redone to take in the communities suggestions from V1, we
have have some brand new features planned and can begin to confirm details here:

Planned release date postponed due to:
Developers and builders behind the scenes taking longer than expected,
Negotiations with streamers is still in process,
I have been unavailable lately harming progress.

Our latest planned release date has been forwarded to the range of 4th - 6th April 2019
Ultimately my priority is a well built server so I wont cut corners!

Hahaha.. nope! not for you! :eek:

CONFIRMED Astro Factions Features: (NEW - not limited to)
1) New Beautiful map -> Floating Spawn
2) Bounty's
3) Robust economy
4) Koth
5) Gambling Bars
6) Amazing Cannon Physics
7) Sell Wand
8) Astro Crates (20 Crates)
9) Improved Gen Buckets
10) Wilderness Factions Fly (RageLord)
11) Claimed land fly (Redstone+)
12) Stunning Warzone, detailed abandoned planet theme
13) Player Power 25
14) Ingame Trade
15) Events every weekend (Buycraft store credit for winner)

Other features are being improved however these are specifically the main
new features we are adding.

Any questions?
Feel free to drop a message below I will check them out


RageCastle Servers!
Factions // SkyBlock // Survival

Hey guys!

SkyBlock Release 23rd 8pm GMT!

Factions Reset Release 29th (Time TBC)

Epic gamemodes releasing soon,
awesome things to come!

RageCastle Updates!
Thanks to all our new players! We have been closely listening to your suggestions,
We have improved/added the following today:
[+] Gen Buckets (4 epic types) /GEN
[+] RageLord Rank (Replace's bedrock with more perks)
[+] Double Mcmmo for RageLord's
[+] Faction fly in own land (Redstone+)
[+] RageLord /fly (safezone & ally)
[+] Economy Prices balanced (Sell grass $200?)
[+] Potions added to warzone

[+] World border base glitch fixed
[+] Trench Pick added to
[+] Crate Issue Fixed

We're working hard to become a competitive factions server once again, we appreciate the players who
have helped us to improve and resolve issues. Over the next few days we will carry on taking suggestions
to resolve any issues.

Suggestions below!

Enjoy Raiding!


Hey guys,
We are officially releasing the server on friday the 8th of March 2019 @ 8pm GMT (UK)
(West coast 12pm / East coast 3pm US)

Server IP >> <<

Add our IP now to keep it safe!

Want to Apply for staff?
Head over to Forums and Staff Applications,
Tell us something about you and why you should be staff!
Please include minecraft name & discord name.
(Must be 13+ years of age and mature).

Spoilers! (Subject to changes)
[​IMG] [​IMG]

Giveaway Section!!
You have a chance to win
$40 Paypal & You head placed in the spawn camp fire!

Suggest an idea for this section of the map!
The best idea selected will be added into the game and
the user will win $40 via paypal!

E.g. Parkour, Random plugin...?, etc...

Click Here:

Requirements & How to enter:
1) Have a paypal account.
2) Join our discord server DISCORD
3) Head to #Suggestions and post your idea!
Or Head to Suggestions on the forums HERE!

Best Idea wins, Good luck everyone!
Official date will be released soon!

We have massively improved our server from our legacy version RageRaid,
New server features:
[+] Rank perks improved
[+] Brand new balanced economy
[+] Epic new /SHOP easier to use and more efficient.
[+] New Map & Intense Pvp Arena
[+] New server event 'King Brawler' hosted once a week!
[+] Improved dedicated hosting, 24/7 uptime!


Join our Discord at the top to keep up with
the community!